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2018 Adidas Impact

2018 adidas Impact

2018 adidas Impact  – Coming soon (2 weeks out)

Adidas Impact

Adidas Impact

Pre-order here: Wrestling Mart

Wrestling Mart

Adidas has shocked the wrestling world again with their Flying Impact wrestling shoes. The shoe’s design and construction is unlike anything that has come before it. The front of the upper is made of decorated synthetic leather, complete with several small ventilation holes to keep your toes dry. The rest of the upper is layered with integrated mesh, and TPU overlays to keep the upper smooth, seamless, and durable. These shoes are also taller than the average wrestling shoe, offering superior ankle support and comfort. Its V-shaped foil guarantees amazing heel support and cushioning. The Flying Impact features one of the most advances outsoles on the market. It’s made for incredible grip, control, and durability. The solid one-piece outsole is specially molded with wrestling specific DriveZones with RadialCurve contour for maximal traction and performance.

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