CIF State Wrestling Championships Results

2016 California State High School Wrestling Results

Team Scores

  1. Buchanan 274.5
  2. Clovis 232.5
  3. Poway 113
  4. Gilroy 107.5
  5. Calvary Chapel 97.5
  6. San Marino 95
  7. Bakersfield 83
  8. Selma 81.5
  9. De La Salle 78
  10. Palm Desert 70
  11. Northview 69
  12. Vacaville 62
  13. Del Oro 60
  14. Frontier 59
  15. Windsor 58
Matthew Olguin - Buchanan HS

Matthew Olguin – Buchanan HS


1st Place – Matthew Olguin of Buchanan
2nd Place – Nicolas Aguilar of Gilroy
3rd Place – Eric Rivera of Clovis North
4th Place – Brandon Betancourt of Clovis
5th Place – Izzak Olejnik of Bakersfield
6th Place – Eddie Flores of Northview
7th Place – Antonio Lorenzo of Del Oro
8th Place – Josh Cisneros of Selma
1st Place Match
Matthew Olguin (Buchanan) 6-0, Fr. over Nicolas Aguilar (Gilroy) 4-1, So. (Dec 11-4).
3rd Place Match
Eric Rivera (Clovis North) 5-1, Fr. over Brandon Betancourt (Clovis) 5-2, Sr. (Dec 6-5).
5th Place Match
Izzak Olejnik (Bakersfield) 5-2, So. over Eddie Flores (Northview) 3-3, So. (SV-1 4-2).
7th Place Match
Antonio Lorenzo (Del Oro) 5-2, Fr. over Josh Cisneros (Selma) 4-3, Fr. (Dec 9-5).

Ethan Leake - Buchanan HS

Ethan Leake – Buchanan HS


1st Place – Ethan Leake of Buchanan
2nd Place – Liam Cronin of Servite
3rd Place – Chase Zollmann of Poway
4th Place – Alex Nunez of Alta Loma
5th Place – Greg Viloria of West
6th Place – Enrique Landeros of Orland
7th Place – Luciano Arroyo of Calvary Chapel/Sa
8th Place – Wyatt Cornelison of Clovis
1st Place Match
Ethan Leake (Buchanan) 6-0, So. over Liam Cronin (Servite) 4-1, Sr. (Fall 1:06).
3rd Place Match
Chase Zollmann (Poway) 6-1, So. over Alex Nunez (Alta Loma) 4-2, Jr. (Fall 2:47).
5th Place Match
Greg Viloria (West) 7-2, Jr. over Enrique Landeros (Orland) 5-3, So. (Dec 10-6).
7th Place Match
Luciano Arroyo (Calvary Chapel/Sa) 4-2, Fr. over Wyatt Cornelison (Clovis) 4-3, Jr. (SV-1 7-5).

Justin Mejia - Clovis HS

Justin Mejia – Clovis HS


1st Place – Justin Mejia of Clovis
2nd Place – Jaden Abas of Frontier
3rd Place – Robert Garcia of Selma
4th Place – Isaiah Perez of Dinuba
5th Place – Adam Velasquez of Pitman
6th Place – Jared Luty of American
7th Place – Richie Casillas of Northview
8th Place – Yonathan Esquivel of Orland
1st Place Match
Justin Mejia (Clovis) 6-0, Jr. over Jaden Abas (Frontier) 4-1, Fr. (Fall 3:36).
3rd Place Match
Robert Garcia (Selma) 6-1, Sr. over Isaiah Perez (Dinuba) 4-2, Jr. (Dec 3-1).
5th Place Match
Adam Velasquez (Pitman) 5-2, Jr. over Jared Luty (American) 5-3, Sr. (SV-3 4-3).
7th Place Match
Richie Casillas (Northview) 4-2, Sr. over Yonathan Esquivel (Orland) 3-3, So. (Fall 0:30).

David Campbell - Mission Oak HS

David Campbell – Mission Oak HS


1st Place – David Campbell of Mission Oak
2nd Place – Donovin Guerrero of De La Salle
3rd Place – Gary Joint of Lemoore
4th Place – Brett Villarreal of Buchanan
5th Place – Devan Turner of Dixon
6th Place – Isaiah Palomino of Bellarmine Prep
7th Place – Zander Silva of San Marino
8th Place – Ricky Torres of Oakdale
1st Place Match
David Campbell (Mission Oak) 5-0, Sr. over Donovin Guerrero (De La Salle) 4-1, Sr. (Dec 6-3).
3rd Place Match
Gary Joint (Lemoore) 6-1, Jr. over Brett Villarreal (Buchanan) 6-2, So. (Dec 3-2).
5th Place Match
Devan Turner (Dixon) 5-2, Sr. over Isaiah Palomino (Bellarmine Prep) 4-3, Jr. (Dec 5-3).
7th Place Match
Zander Silva (San Marino) 5-2, Jr. over Ricky Torres (Oakdale) 4-3, Fr. (Dec 5-0).

Trence Gillem - Helix Charter HS

Trence Gillem – Helix Charter HS


1st Place – Trence Gillem of Helix Charter
2nd Place – Durbin Lloren of Buchanan
3rd Place – Kalani Tonge of Elk Grove
4th Place – Alex Felix of Gilroy
5th Place – Curtis Booth of Folsom
6th Place – Eric Yang of Mission San Jose
7th Place – Scott Kiyono of Poway
8th Place – Tony Mendoza of Selma
1st Place Match
Trence Gillem (Helix Charter) 5-0, Sr. over Durbin Lloren (Buchanan) 5-1, Sr. (Dec 3-2).
3rd Place Match
Kalani Tonge (Elk Grove) 6-1, Sr. over Alex Felix (Gilroy) 5-2, So. (Dec 5-4).
5th Place Match
Curtis Booth (Folsom) 4-2, Sr. over Eric Yang (Mission San Jose) 3-3, Sr. (Dec 4-0).
7th Place Match
Scott Kiyono (Poway) 5-2, Jr. over Tony Mendoza (Selma) 5-3, So. (Inj. 0:00).

Navonte Demison - Bakersfield HS

Navonte Demison – Bakersfield HS


1st Place – Navonte Demison of Bakersfield
2nd Place – Jacob Wright of Dinuba
3rd Place – Joel Romero of Buchanan
4th Place – Julian Flores of San Marino
5th Place – Bobby Miguel of Clovis West
6th Place – Alec Baker of La Costa Canyon
7th Place – Danny Abbate of Central Catholic
8th Place – Ethyn Ewing of Canyon/A
1st Place Match
Navonte Demison (Bakersfield) 5-0, Jr. over Jacob Wright (Dinuba) 4-1, Jr. (Fall 1:02).
3rd Place Match
Joel Romero (Buchanan) 5-1, So. over Julian Flores (San Marino) 4-2, Sr. (MD 10-2).
5th Place Match
Bobby Miguel (Clovis West) 5-2, Sr. over Alec Baker (La Costa Canyon) 5-3, Sr. (Dec 3-1).
7th Place Match
Danny Abbate (Central Catholic) 6-2, Sr. over Ethyn Ewing (Canyon/A) 3-3, Sr. (Dec 3-2).

Zander Wick - San Marino HS

Zander Wick – San Marino HS


1st Place – Zander Wick of San Marino
2nd Place – Ruben Garcia of Selma
3rd Place – Josh Kim of Santiago/C
4th Place – Greg Gaxiola of Buchanan
5th Place – Peyton Omania of De La Salle
6th Place – Mason Boutain of Benicia
7th Place – Luis Enloe of Poway
8th Place – Terrell Turner of Elk Grove
1st Place Match
Zander Wick (San Marino) 5-0, Sr. over Ruben Garcia (Selma) 5-1, Sr. (Dec 8-5).
3rd Place Match
Josh Kim (Santiago/C) 7-1, So. over Greg Gaxiola (Buchanan) 7-2, Jr. (Dec 5-3).
5th Place Match
Peyton Omania (De La Salle) 4-2, So. over Mason Boutain (Benicia) 3-3, Sr. (Fall 1:36).
7th Place Match
Luis Enloe (Poway) 5-2, Jr. over Terrell Turner (Elk Grove) 4-3, Sr. (Dec 6-3)

Evan Wick - San Marino HS

Evan Wick – San Marino HS


1st Place – Evan Wick of San Marino
2nd Place – Jett Moy of San Marcos
3rd Place – Luke Troy of M.l. King
4th Place – Tyler Meisinger of San Clemente
5th Place – Brandon Martino of Clovis
6th Place – Juan Villarreal of Gilroy
7th Place – Noah Blake of Del Oro
8th Place – Anthony Orozco of Vista Murrieta
1st Place Match
Evan Wick (San Marino) 5-0, Sr. over Jett Moy (San Marcos) 4-1, Sr. (Fall 0:39).
3rd Place Match
Luke Troy (M.l. King) 8-1, Jr. over Tyler Meisinger (San Clemente) 6-2, Sr. (MD 13-4).
5th Place Match
Brandon Martino (Clovis) 4-2, Jr. over Juan Villarreal (Gilroy) 3-3, So. (Inj. 0:00).
7th Place Match
Noah Blake (Del Oro) 4-2, Fr. over Anthony Orozco (Vista Murrieta) 4-3, Sr. (Dec 3-1).

Justin Thomas - Calvary Chapel HS

Justin Thomas – Calvary Chapel HS


1st Place – Justin Thomas of Calvary Chapel/Sa
2nd Place – Abner Romero of Buchanan
3rd Place – Jason Bergquist of Folsom
4th Place – Justin Pichedwatana of Mayfair
5th Place – Brandon Claiborne of Palm Desert
6th Place – Beau Colombini of Windsor
7th Place – Sam Loera of Bakersfield
8th Place – Hampton Boyd of Poway
1st Place Match
Justin Thomas (Calvary Chapel/Sa) 5-0, Sr. over Abner Romero (Buchanan) 4-1, Sr. (SV-1 5-3).
3rd Place Match
Jason Bergquist (Folsom) 6-1, Sr. over Justin Pichedwatana (Mayfair) 4-2, Sr. (MD 9-0).
5th Place Match
Brandon Claiborne (Palm Desert) 5-2, Sr. over Beau Colombini (Windsor) 6-3, Sr. (Fall 0:45).
7th Place Match
Sam Loera (Bakersfield) 5-2, Jr. over Hampton Boyd (Poway) 3-3, Jr. (Dec 5-4).

Jeremy Thomas - Calvary Chapel HS

Jeremy Thomas – Calvary Chapel HS


1st Place – Jeremy Thomas of Calvary Chapel/Sa
2nd Place – Anthony Mantanona of Palm Desert
3rd Place – Dominic Ducharme of Windsor
4th Place – Steven Comstock of Northview
5th Place – Cade Belshay of Buchanan
6th Place – Lukas Howa of Trabuco Hills
7th Place – Ryan Reyes of Clovis West
8th Place – Garrett Strang of Chaparral
1st Place Match
Jeremy Thomas (Calvary Chapel/Sa) 5-0, Sr. over Anthony Mantanona (Palm Desert) 4-1, Jr. (Fall 5:27).
3rd Place Match
Dominic Ducharme (Windsor) 6-1, Sr. over Steven Comstock (Northview) 5-2, So. (Fall 2:17).
5th Place Match
Cade Belshay (Buchanan) 6-2, Jr. over Lukas Howa (Trabuco Hills) 5-3, Sr. (Dec 5-3).
7th Place Match
Ryan Reyes (Clovis West) 5-2, Fr. over Garrett Strang (Chaparral) 5-3, Sr. (Dec 3-1).

Joshua Hokit - Clovis HS

Joshua Hokit – Clovis HS


1st Place – Josh Hokit of Clovis
2nd Place – Anthony Montalvo of Buchanan
3rd Place – Roman Romero of McNair
4th Place – Chasen Blair of Ranch Bernardo
5th Place – Max Bossert of Las Lomas
6th Place – Morris Wilner of Calvary Chapel/Sa
7th Place – Tannen Soojian of Atascadero
8th Place – Josh Loomer of Cajon
1st Place Match
Josh Hokit (Clovis) 5-0, Sr. over Anthony Montalvo (Buchanan) 4-1, So. (Dec 10-3).
3rd Place Match
Roman Romero (McNair) 6-1, Sr. over Chasen Blair (Ranch Bernardo) 5-2, Jr. (Dec 2-1).
5th Place Match
Max Bossert (Las Lomas) 7-2, Sr. over Morris Wilner (Calvary Chapel/Sa) 5-3, Sr. (MD 9-1).
7th Place Match
Tannen Soojian (Atascadero) 5-2, Sr. over Josh Loomer (Cajon) 3-3, Jr. (Fall 2:27).

AJ Nevills - Clovis HS

AJ Nevills – Clovis HS


1st Place – Aj Nevills of Clovis
2nd Place – Chris Bailey of Poway
3rd Place – Jake Wood of Newbury Park
4th Place – Noe Garcia of Gilroy
5th Place – Adrian Godinez of Foothill
6th Place – Danny Salas of St. John Bosco
7th Place – Marshall Huberty of De La Salle
8th Place – Anthony Spallino of Windsor
1st Place Match
Aj Nevills (Clovis) 5-0, Sr. over Chris Bailey (Poway) 4-1, Sr. (Dec 6-1).
3rd Place Match
Jake Wood (Newbury Park) 7-1, Sr. over Noe Garcia (Gilroy) 6-2, Sr. (Dec 6-3).
5th Place Match
Adrian Godinez (Foothill) 5-2, Jr. over Danny Salas (St. John Bosco) 4-3, Jr. (Inj. 0:00).
7th Place Match
Marshall Huberty (De La Salle) 5-2, Sr. over Anthony Spallino (Windsor) 4-3, Sr. (Dec 5-3).

Zak Levatino - Buchanan HS

Zak Levatino – Buchanan HS


1st Place – Zakary Levatino of Buchanan
2nd Place – Kyle Jennings of Ponderosa
3rd Place – Tyler Collier of Clovis
4th Place – Jesus Madrigal of Oak Hills
5th Place – Jake Levengood of Vacaville
6th Place – Zachary Schrader of Army Navy
7th Place – Cristian Ayala of Pacifica/Ox
8th Place – Darryl Aiello of De La Salle
1st Place Match
Zakary Levatino (Buchanan) 6-0, Sr. over Kyle Jennings (Ponderosa) 4-1, Sr. (Dec 4-3).
3rd Place Match
Tyler Collier (Clovis) 8-1, Jr. over Jesus Madrigal (Oak Hills) 4-2, Sr. (Dec 5-4).
5th Place Match
Jake Levengood (Vacaville) 4-2, So. over Zachary Schrader (Army Navy) 6-3, Sr. (Dec 1-0).
7th Place Match
Cristian Ayala (Pacifica/Ox) 4-2, Sr. over Darryl Aiello (De La Salle) 5-3, Jr. (Dec 5-3).

Seth Nevills - Clovis HS

Seth Nevills – Clovis HS


1st Place – Seth Nevills of Clovis
2nd Place – Christian Rebottaro of Monte Vista Christian
3rd Place – Jarrod Snyder of Frontier
4th Place – Mike Mccauley of Vacaville
5th Place – Pablo Miller of Del Oro
6th Place – Gavin Nye of Corning
7th Place – Jesus Flores of Delhi
8th Place – Nicolas Iversen of Ukiah
1st Place Match
Seth Nevills (Clovis) 5-0, So. over Christian Rebottaro (Monte Vista Christian) 4-1, Sr. (Dec 7-4).
3rd Place Match
Jarrod Snyder (Frontier) 5-1, Sr. over Mike Mccauley (Vacaville) 5-2, Sr. (TB-1 2-1).
5th Place Match
Pablo Miller (Del Oro) 5-2, Jr. over Gavin Nye (Corning) 4-3, Jr. (SV-1 11-9).
7th Place Match
Jesus Flores (Delhi) 4-3, Jr. over Nicolas Iversen (Ukiah) 5-2, Sr. (Dec 5-2).

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